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When you are faced with flooring decisions for your home or business, knowing your options helps you make the best decision to suit your needs.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Available in a large variety of sizes and colours, our range of vinyl tiles are quick and easy to install. Constructed to absorb sound vibrations, they are sturdy, long wearing, crack resistant and easy to clean.

Engineered Timber Flooring

Over time, timber flooring will add character to your room. An environmentally friendly option which requires very little maintenance. Timber flooring blocks moisture and adds stability due to its layers.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Durable, affordable and easy to maintain. We have a unique selection of ceramic and porcelain tiles available, all of which can be fitted by yourself, although we recommend professional installation as the process is time consuming.

Melksham Kitchens is your local SIEMENS studioLine retailer in Wiltshire

Discover the exclusive blackSteel design at Melksham Kitchens

Discover the exclusive blackSteel design

See the studioLine blackSteel ovens in our Melksham Kitchens showroom

studioLine blackSteel ovens

Discover the full studioLine blackSteel range in our Melksham Kitchens showroom

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